Integrating Theory and Practice: BNAU Veterinary Students Excel in Clinical Research and Software Training

One of the components of the successful training of a veterinarian is an educational practice, where students consolidate theoretical knowledge in practice. So, under the guidance of teachers of the Department of Propedeutics and Medicine of Internal Diseases of Animals and Poultry: Associate Professor Piddubniak O., assistants Vashchenko O. and Hrytsai V., 3M students of the 3rd year of the 3rd group in the period from 07.05-11.05.2024 mastered the skills of general clinical research, methods of probing, blood sampling and its research in various species of animals on the basis of the Research and Training Centre of BNAU, the Museum of Wildlife of Flora and Fauna "Alexandria" and the veterinary clinic "Profivet". 
After completion of the practice, the Head of the Department, Associate Professor Melnyk A. conducted training for students on working with the VetForce software, which helps to register protocols for the study and treatment of patients, increasing the efficiency and accuracy of the work of a veterinarian. 
The students not only mastered the material, but also learnt to use it effectively in real situations and gained invaluable experience.