Plan of research 2020



initiative research work performed without additional funding, within the work at the department

Bila Tserkva National Agrarian University


1. Promising technologies of agro-industrial complex and processing industry. Modern veterinary technologies for the health and productivity of farm animals.

Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, Academician of NAAS, prof. M.V. Rublenko.

Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, Prof. V.V. Sakhnyuk.

Doctor of Veterinary Sciences S.A. Vlasenko


2. DNA technologies in animal husbandry and crop production, molecular diagnostics for internal and infectious diseases of animals.

Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Prof. T.M. Dyman.

Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, Prof. V.V. Sakhnyuk.

Candidate of Veterinary Sciences, Assoc. T.M. Tsarenko.


3. Development of methods for diagnosis, prevention and treatment of animal diseases caused by antibiotic-resistant strains of microorganisms

Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, Prof. L.Ye. Kornienko.


4. Theoretical and clinical-experimental substantiation of methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of polymetabolic and multiorgan internal pathology in ruminants

0116U002336 Prof. Sakhnyuk V.V.


5. Clinical and biochemical substantiation of methods of diagnosis and use of pharmacological drugs in a set of therapeutic and prophylactic measures for polymetabolic and multiorgan pathology in poultry and ornamental poultry

0116U002338 Assoc. Melnik A.Yu.


6. Theoretical substantiation and experimental tests of preventive ways to reduce the suppressive effect of paratypic environmental factors on the homeostasis of farm animals and poultry. Minutes of the BTF Council dated December 15, 2015 № 6. 0116U005818 prof. Lyasota V.P.


7. Development of schemes of antiparasitic treatments of animals and methods of their efficiency. Minutes of the department. of Parasitology and Pharmacology dated April 26, 2016 № 12

0116U005326 Assoc. Avramenko N.V.


8. Development of physiological justification for the use of amino acids, trace elements and other biologically active substances in the feeding of farm animals.

0117 U005461 Prof. Nischemenko M.P.


9. Experimental and morphological study of reactive and reparative properties of connective tissue elements of the locomotor system of mammals and birds, their segmental, extra- and intraorganic innervation and vascularization

0118 U004127 Prof. Novak V.P.


10. Theoretical and clinical-experimental substantiation of methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of A-, D-, E- hypovitaminosis and polymer deficiency in agricultural and exotic poultry

0118 U004128 Assoc. Melnik A.Yu.