Practical Training for Students at Bila Tserkva NAU: Bridging Theory and Practice in Animal Husbandry and Parasitological Research

In order to consolidate their theoretical knowledge, students underwent clinical practice at the training and production centre of the Bila Tserkva NAU and other animal husbandry facilities, including a poultry farm and the Oleksandria Museum of Wildlife Flora and Fauna LLC in Bila Tserkva. Bila Tserkva.
In order to establish the epizootic situation with regard to animal and poultry parasitoses, samples for parasitological research were taken from broiler chickens of the BNAU Research Centre and from exotic animals and birds of the Alexandria Park Zoo. The department conducted a coprological study.
The students of 3 M 6th year, 4 M 5th year, 5 M and 6 M courses got acquainted with exotic animals and birds, their conditions of keeping, feeding, operation and gained useful knowledge and practical skills in the disciplines "Parasitology and Invasive Diseases", "Zoonoses and the concept of one health", "Veterinary Epidemiology" and "Invasive Diseases of Poultry".
L.M. Solovyova, S.V. Rublenko