Exploring Frontiers in Dairy Reproduction: Insights from the International Summit in Turkey

During the period from 25 to 27 April, the assistant of the Department of Obstetrics and Animal Reproduction Biotechnology, Andrii Lasiiichuk, took part in the International Dairy Summit held in Turkey.
The following topics were discussed during the event:
1) Why is reproduction important? Economic impact.
2) New approaches in cow and heifer synchronisation protocols
3) The latest technologies in reproduction 
4) Modern protocols of work in the transit period
5) Methods to improve reproduction performance under heat stress.

The key speaker is Dr Ricardo Chebel. Professor of the University of Florida, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, resident of the Association of Cow Reproduction. The main direction of scientific and practical work is aimed at introducing the latest technologies in reproduction. Author of 115 scientific publications.